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Seven-a-side football tournament in Guangzhou City is the South's oldest and the highest levels of the seven-a-side Football League. This year's event will set up a group of 12 teams, Group 16, group c 64 teams and recruited 92 teams. On October 12 after the show started, respectively for every weekend in sports, swallow Hill East football field stadium for the game, held on December 28 final. Registration as described in the Guangzhou Football Association's official website. This year game will by has more than 10 years activities planning air jordan 11 buy  experience, and in sports marketing service aspects has rich experience of sensual sports hosted, used advanced of management way and propaganda promotion strategy, in get meeting beauty international Crown name sponsored support, and other sponsors of full support zhixia, will tries their best to build momentum most vast, and organization most rigorous, and effects most widely of Guangzhou meeting beauty Cup seven people business Football League. In addition to the first landing radio FM102.7 publicity to promote comprehensive coverage of the Pearl River Delta region, causing football fans interested and widely discussed, registration has not yet begun.




Nike Sportswear emulate a lot of Air Max 93 this year, which naturally includes several first year classic color scheme. After a period of waiting, the Air Max 93 Bright Citrus color scheme of the year finally to emulate regression in the near future, shoes white shoes are backed up by blue orange detail cushioned Orange Palm visibility is particularly eye-catching. Shoes has been in a string of foreign Web sites accept reservations, will soon officially go on sale. As 2014 United States Open Tennis Championships held at the 25th of this month, Nike will also be released on the 21st of this to us as a design inspiration cheap air jordan 3  Nike Air Tech Challenge II. Shoe selection of United States flags of red, blue and white color to create, complete with white soles, metal shoe buckle and heel Gold USA embroidery detail, shoe full of United States trademark elements.




The tournament Press Conference on September 2 in Asia International Hotel, 8/f, Shanghai, held in the Ballroom. To be honest, we now pay more attention to the game, and if we and Spain advance to the finals, we will see a lot of their videos, but now we have only to look at opponents. Krzyzewski said. United States against Dominica will be 4th Beijing time 3:30, 23:30 against Ukraine, and this is the final group two matches. , Spain men's basketball tournament continues. Dominican men's basketball teams in the case of a 10-point lead going into the final quarter encounter mad pursuit, minimum only 3 minutes to score, but rely on offensive rebounds and free throws, Dominica was with a 74-68 win over Finland, made two in a row. Rockets, Francisco Garcia scored 9-6, which scored 16 points in the three-point shooting 5-for-4. He was in the fourth quarter with sprained right ankle with 4 minutes 33 seconds, but was benched again after a minute back, hobbled out of the cover.

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